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Polyester Film Packaging Meat

Mono PET solutions with Mylar®

Thursday, 25 May, 2017

As the inventor and world's largest supplier of heat sealable polyester films, one of our key goals is to enable the further use of mono polyester packs across a wide range of categories. Recycling is a key part of the circular economy and DuPont Teijin Films have been central...

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Polyester Film Motors

DuPont Teijin Films are pleased ...

Wednesday, 24 May, 2017

Mylar® AOH is a new polyester film for electrical insulation applications that require higher temperature and/or humidity resistance. Mylar® AOH is UL certified (RTI of 125°C) and brings extended life time in humid environments. It is of particular interest for applications su...

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Polyester Film

65 Years of Polyester Film Manuf...

Thursday, 18 May, 2017

DuPont Teijin Films celebrates 65 years from the manufacture of the first rolls of Mylar® polyester film produced at the DuPont Yerkes experimental line near Buffalo, NY. In this long period DuPont Teijin Films have developed, invented and invested in the Mylar® polyester fi...

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