Commitment to environmental sustainability in our supply chain “Green Packaging Statement”

At DuPont Teijin Films (DTF) we are committed to sustainability. Together with innovation and partnerships, sustainability forms a key pillar of the DTF brand. We are actively working on a number of initiatives to minimise our impact on the world arounds us; these include the ‘big ideas’ such as development of films with post-consumer recycle content and the ‘smaller’ behind the scenes aspects e.g., packaging for our products. Today, we are pleased to unveil the results of a study into the sustainability of our packaging materials where we applied the 4R principles – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover – to upgrade the packaging into a more sustainable option.

With packaging being an essential component to ensure the final product reaches the customers in absolute factory pristine condition, we worked for many years to design and engineer a range of packaging components to protect our products during the transportation and storage stages. Now, at our Dumfries site we have developed these even further to ensure a sustainable packaging solution. Our packaging now uses:

  •         FSA approved timber for all pallets and components providing structural integrity
  •         Structural plastic items manufactured from reclaimed materials which are 100% recyclable.
  •         Card products manufactured from reclaimed materials that are also 100% recyclable.
  •         FSC Mix certified paper for labels and paper components

We are also working to reduce the weight of our packaging components, as we believe that businesses must investigate all parts of the order fulfilment process. By designing in strength to reduce the weight of packaging we can lower the fuel consumption during transportation and reduce the associated emissions.  We will take the learning developed as part of this project and share it with our other sites, ensuring that we can have a sustainable packaging solution globally.

On top of this, a comprehensive “return to source” process is in operation for our packaging materials. This ensures components are returned via an external supplier and checked for safety and conformity before being reintroduced back into the supply chain – greatly reducing the impact on resources. We encourage our customers to return the packaging to us, so that we use it again and help protect the environment as well as our products.

We recognise that sustainability is an evolving journey and in this light we will continue to review and develop best practices at the Dumfries site and across the rest of the business.