Photovoltaics - Back Sheet

Mylar® and Melinex® Polyester Films

DTF is a global leader in speciality PET film grades for all-PET backsheets. All-PET backsheets now provide highly competitive alternatives to fluoropolymer-based backsheets offering robust performance over the full lifetime of the module. DTF's speciality, highly engineered films are the secure choice for all-PET backsheets.

Benefits, durability and strengths...

  • Excellent mechanical and electrical insulating properties
  • UV and hydrolysis resistant
  • Custom white, clear, hazy and black films available

We are committed to offering the most cost effective, high performance films for backsheets

Standard Product Range

Photovoltaics Card Range

Additional grades are under development for use in mono and multi-layer all-PET backsheets to meet future market requirements - please enquire for further details.