DuPont Teijin Films are the leading supplier of halogen free back sheet material with over 45GW of installed capacity worldwide relying of the unique set of properties delivered by the Mylar® UVHPET™ range of products.  The Mylar® UVHPET™ range is the result of over 60 years’ experience of supplying Mylar® into highly demanding electrical insulation applications and 20 years of ongoing developments supporting the growth in the PV industry.  With zero reported field failures, our product testing protocols exceeds industry standards and is backed up by the ongoing monitoring of our products in real life applications across the globe.

Mylar® UVHPET™ - Sustainability without compromise

  • Exceptional UV barrier and hydrolysis resistance
  • Extensive internal and external testing to mimic over 25 years of weathering including IEC, UL and DuPont MAST testing.
  • Halogen free ensuring safer and more sustainable end of life recycling
  • Enhanced protection against scratching and abrasion in harsh climates such as deserts.
  • Range of optical properties including white, black and a new range of ultra clear films for bi-facial modules.
  • Full range of thicknesses to cover mono and laminate solutions for 1000V and 1500V modules.

The Mylar® UVHPET™ range remains the only proven alternative to fluorinated backsheets offering a lower cost, more sustainable alternative without compromising the durability or performance of PV modules.