Chickens ready for cooking

Mylar® COOK and Mylar® BAKE

The revolutionary Mylar® COOK technology combines all the benefits of cooking in Mylar®with the convenience , shelf appeal and pack integrity of thermoformed pouches.   DuPont Teijin Films are proud to partner with MULTIVAC who provide their worldwide testing and development capacities to offer the very best in packaging and machinery expertise, and have recently opened a fully-equipped test kitchen at their Training & Innovation Center in Wolfertschwenden.   The test kitchen has a variety of ovens and appliances such as microwave, contact grill, Merrychef and sous-vide water bath, and dedicated culinary support is available from experts who specialise in the unique benefits Mylar® COOK can offer.

Mylar® BAKE revolutionises the cooking of high quality bakery products such as pastries, breads, biscuits, cakes and puddings. The cooled dough products can be baked in the oven in their sealed packs, eliminating the need for expensive baking pans and decreasing the time and cost involved in preparation, proofing, bake and clean up.

Mylar® films can be used simply and reliably on MULTIVAC's thermoforming packaging machines.

For more information on the Mylar® COOK and Mylar® BAKE range please go to our partners website by clicking on the following link