Mylar® Ovenable Packaging

By redefining polyester films, Mylar® offers genuinely groundbreaking packaging solutions that respond to changing lifestyle demands.

Trust and quality are bywords that define everything we do, and the combination of our long heritage in high temperature applications and close relationships with industry experts helps us to achieve the highest levels of food contact legislative compliance.  Consumers can cook products packed in Mylar® in complete confidence, and enjoy the convenience and safety of "no touch" cooking.

The Mylar® range of ovenable films consists of an unrivaled option of different sealable and peelable films for use with Mono cPET, Co-ex cPET or ALU trays, as well as a range of heat sealable films designed for flow wrap, VFFS or thermoformable applications where Mylar® becomes both the primary pack and the cooking medium.

The benefits of using Mylar® films in the cooking process are numerous.  Flavours and aromas are kept and enhanced during the cooking process so even the most inexperienced Cook can deliver restaurant quality food at home with no mess and no waste.  The no touch cooking experience delivers high levels of food safety and individual tastes can be catered for by cooking different foods at the same time without cross contamination.  An additional benefit is that in many cases the cooking time is reduced, delivering increased convenience and helping to reduce energy consumption. 

Cooked Chicken in a polyester bag
Fish ready to cook in a polyester bag