Packaging Films for Fresh Produce

The packaging of fresh produce has been revolutionised and DuPont Teijin Films have once more been at the forefront. Our Mylar® Harvest Fresh range sets the industry standard for lidding films used to package fresh whole fruit such as berries, fresh cut fruit and prepared salads.

Mylar® films offer the industry standard in easy peel performance with reliable seals achieved across the widest range of punnets and packing lines.  Strong hermetic sealing is achieved even in the most challenging conditions of cut fruit packaging where contamination from the product can cripple the seals of other lidding films.

Eye catching shelf appeal comes with class leading anti fog plus great printability features.  Mylar® films also offer good machinability and convertors can punch and perforate using a variety of methods for enhanced shelf life.

Clip on lids, paper labels and reverse printed laminates can all be replaced with a Mylar®lidding film to deliver a lower cost, lighter weight PET pack with enhanced shelf life and design appeal.

Fruit salad sealed by a polyester film
Tomatoes sealed by a polyester film
Salads sealed by a polyester film