Melinex® in Durable Cards

Melinex® polyester films offer many benefits in durable cards for card manufacturers, issuers and specifiers, see below for some of these

Card Manufacturer

  • Compatability with PVC and PETG means that optimum balance between cost and performance can be achieved
  • Lamination on standard equipment at near standard conditions avoids the need for expensive machinery and special inks
  • Integral sealant layers avoid the need for off-line adhesives in many cases
  • Technical support and application development expertise available from our research centre in the UK and our global range of contacts

 Card Issuer and Specifier

  • Melinex® polyester film offers the ultimate in durability, 5 - 10 year card life readily achieved
  • Excellent thermal stability and solvent resistance
  • Simplicity of implementation, Melinex® CORE can be introduced into the card body without significantly affecting card appearance or personalisation techniques employed
  • Melinex® PROTECT overlay range offers tamper evident solutions and a wide range of secure personalisation options
  • Melinex® polyester film offers extremely cost effective solution for durable, long life secure card applications
  • DuPont Teijin Films has excellent track record - over 2.5 billion cards issued using Melinex® polyester film