Durable Cards

Durable Cards

DuPont Teijin Films offers an exclusive range of biaxially oriented PETF substrates designed specifically for the laminated cards market. 

The combination of durability, cost effectiveness and simplicity of implementation has made Melinex® polyester film the number one choice in a wide range of National ID and other long life card applications worldwide with over 2.5 billion cards issued in the past 8 years. This track record backed up with direct technical support, application development expertise and tailored innovation makes DuPont Teijin Films a natural partner.

Credit cards
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ID card

Identity and National ID

You can specify Melinex® polyester film with peace of mind. We have been involved in many high profile national ID programs, indeed more 20% of the world's population keeps their identity secure with a card containing Melinex® polyester film. Our track record in the identity market includes government programs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East in regions where cost effectiveness and simplicity of implementation is valued Melinex® polyester film offers an ideal solution versus more complex solutions such as polycarbonate. Security is not compromised though, use of Melinex® PROTECT overlays avoids the use of offline adhesives and offers excellent resistance to solvents to protect against identity theft.

e-Health cards

Increasingly an individuals medical records and health insurance details are being combined in a secure smart card format, a growing area for Melinex® polyester film in durable cards.

Drivers Licence

Melinex® is a key component of many major driving licence programs including a significant portion of licences issued in the US

Mass Transit and Ticketing

Contactless cards incorporating Melinex® CORE keep things moving in Paris, London, Dubai, Atlanta and many other major cities around the world.