Mylar® COOK and Mylar® BAKE Seminars

Since the beginning of February 2014, we have our new test kitchen at MULTIVAC Wolfertschwenden. Our kitchen is perfectly equipped for live packing and cooking withtrainees.

Starting this summer, you are able to book Mylar® COOK and Mylar® BAKE seminars with individually tailored agendas. The seminars will be held by Robert Wild (Applicationand Project Manager) and Lilly Schmidt (Culinary Expert).

After attending a Seminar, you will be prepared to run your own Mylar® COOK or Mylar® BAKE application projects.

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Basics of Mylar® ®COOK and Mylar® ®BAKE -
It's a culinary experience and not just a film

Seminar calendar & brochure:


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