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Benefits Of Using Melinex®
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Example Card Structures

Melinex® CORE is compatible with most PVC's and PETG's - you only incorporate as much into the structure as required to give optimum tradeoff between cost and performance.

For tamper evidence and the ultimate in durability use a 100% Melinex® card incorporating a PETF overlay as well.

There are many other card structures possible, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


20% Melinex®

Melinex ® 20% Card

40% Melinex®

Melinex ® 40% Card

 75% Melinex®

Melinex ® 75% Card

100% Melinex®

Melinex ® 100% Card

For added durability and security the clear PVC/PETG overlay can be substituted with a PETF version from the Melinex® PROTECT range. Substitute Melinex® CORE2 for Melinex® CORE1 in the structure and utilise guilloche printing

(>40% of unprinted card body exposed) to give permanent tamper evident seal.


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