Markets and Applications

Market-led innovation enables us to adapt and deliver value in diverse industries.

From revolutionizing advances in the alternative energy sector, progressing state-of-the-art technology in electrical insulation and information display, to delivering performance, quality, and invention to meet developing and future needs in numerous applications, DuPont Teijin Films is at the forefront of market innovation.

Check out some of the new developments in select market spaces.

  • Capacitors


    Capacitors - Thin films for capacitor dielectrics.
  • Cards


    Cards - Melinex® films for durable card applications
  • Digital Print and Labels

    Digital Print and Labels

    Digital Print and Labels - Polyester Films for Imaging Media, Signage, banners and long life durable labelling
  • Electrical Insulation

    Electrical Insulation

    Electrical Insulation - Films for applications in electrical insulation systems
  • Flexible Electronics

    Flexible Electronics

    Flexible substrates for advanced electronics applications
  • Healthcare

    Medical Device and Packaging Applications - Healthcare

    Films for medical applications such as sterilisable packaging, face shields, medical test strips
  • Packaging

    Polyester Films for Packaging

    Heat sealable films for packaging, lidding, flow wraps etc, and films for printing, converting and metallising
  • Photovoltaics


    Range of films for use in photovoltaic solar applications
  • Polymers


    High quality specialty polyester polymers and co-polymers

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